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Based in Cracow, Poland

Release date:

17th April 2018 (PC Windows)


Steam PC






Star Swapper is space puzzle game with relaxing gameplay. Complete each level by moving and arranging symbols, so they form existing star constellations. As you progress the game introduces new space mechanics such as Wormholes or Red Giants. The game is conveniently divided into chapters and levels. Each level has a score system which depends on number of moves you make and the amount of time you finish a level in. The game encourages short game sessions. Focus and plan your moves.

Star Swapper was made with Unity technology.

Project History

Long time ago, there was an idea to make an awesome game having mostly rookies on board. The team was assembled during a social meeting at a karaoke club. The space puzzle genre was chosen and ideas were brainstormed. To get a better perspective the team discussed ideas for a space puzzles on a roof of a ten store building, under the stars of summer night with the best non-alcohol polish beer. (Hanging around on a roof is illegal by the way so don’t tell anyone ;-)) There was a lot of inspiring ideas: to use Nordic runes, to make ancient Egypt hieroglyphs in the sky or to use symbols from our favorite anime series ‘Dragon Ball’. Finally, we chose Greek alphabet as it was known to us all and allowed us to make the aim of the game clear to the player. The development process was not easy as mechanics and visual style changed many times. As with every game made by ambitious individuals, there were times when we would lively discuss certain details without coming to a compromise. We had found that leaving an issue for a few days would allow us to cool our emotions and approach the topic once again with a better solution.
Finally, we are very close to the game’s launch, and we want to deliver something that will blow your logic mind away.


  • SOLVE puzzles, and enjoy your journey towards the final frontier
  • JUMP RIGHT IN thanks to intuitive game controls
  • ENJOY relaxing gameplay and enchanting soundtrack
  • IMMERSE yourself in space ‪aesthetics‬
  • CHALLENGE your mind with 98 various puzzles
  • UNLOCK 27 steam achievements

Selected Articles

Star Swapper

  • “It’s challenging, it’s simple, and there’s a heck of a lot of it”

Benjamin Green, KeenGamer

  • “Produkcja stawia na zaspokojenie pewnej potrzeby i muszę przyznać, że dobrze spełnia swoją rolę”

Karol “KayWolf” Rembacz, Gildia Graczy

  • “Star Swapper to przykład na to jak dobry pomysł może z powodzeniem zostać przełożony na równie dobrą mechanikę gry”

Piotr Sikorski, Ustatkowany Gracz

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About Tap it Games


Tap It Games is an independent games developer behind popular hidden-object puzzle-adventure games series 9 Clues, which were published by Artifex Mundi. Studio was found in 2012 by Daniel Miszkiel, who is present in video games almost 10 years, and gained his initial experience with companies such as Bloober Team. Following the success of 9 Clues game series, Tap it Games aims to continue developing absorbing games with unforgettable stories, while also supporting local indie community in the city of Cracow, Poland. The Studio is one of several companies which initially formed the Digital Entertainment Cluster alongside Cracow Technology Park.

More information

More information on Tap it Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.


Star Swapper Credits

Daniel Miszkiel

Studio Owner

Mateusz Orman-Janowski

Marketing management

Daniel “Noxam” Gaj


Krzysztof Leśniak


Grzegorz Włodarski

Music composition and sound design


Collaborating Partners

Artist Entertainment

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